Exotic Island Drink
  • Exotic Island Drink $5.50

  • *Blue Hawaii
  • A blend of rums, liquers, and pineapple juices, a Dreamy breeze of the island.

  • *Scorpion Bowl 6.00 (for2)    12.00
  • A festive Polynesian concoction of rums, brandy, orange and lemon juices.

  • *Flaming Volcano (for2)     12.00
  • Smooth and cool, but watch for the eruption.

  • *Aruba Crush
  • Absolut Citron, Amaretto di Saronno, Something, Blue Curacao, Pineapple juice.

  • *Mai Tai
  • This means “The Best” in Tahitian, a blend of rum, liqueur and juices…it truly is the best.

  • *Waikiki Beachcomer
  • Gin, Triple Sec and pineapple juice make this a great drink…it’s a real romper.

  • *Pina Colada
  • One of the finest tropical coconut drinks in the islands or try it with strawberry or banana for a variation, on the rocks or frozen.

  • *Fog Cutter
  • Blend of rum, gin, brandy and fruit juices after two or three….you’ll need it.

  • *Banana Daiquiri
  • A simple Daiquiri with banana, or be adventurous and try it with strawberry.

  • *Pineapple Passion
  • A smooth drink, blend of rum…never let you down

  • *Headhunter
  • A powerful rum drink, will surely warm you up.

  • *Zombie
  • Original version of rums, liqueurs and juices………Watch out!

  • *Suffering Bastard
  • A potent concoction of rums, brandy, and fruit juices. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s a pleasure to drink.

  • *Mandarin’s Sling
  • Sloe gin, dry gin with subtle flavoring.

  • *Peach Harbor
  • This vodka and melon concoction makes a smooth and refreshing cocktail.

  • *Punch
  • A tropical rum tradition-Jamaican formula from Montego Bay.

  • *Banana-Berry Freeze
  • A classic blend of the Island banana, strawberry and rum.

  • *Mandarin Margarita
  • Tequila with lime, finished with Grand Marnier, a classic with a touch on the rocks or frozen, try it with strawberries for a change.

  • ***Top Gun***     6.50
  • Tanquray Gin, Absolut Vodka, Barcardi, House Speciality Mix with selected fruit juice. Must try!


Prices do not include tax.

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